News from Umut Ertan, Greentech impact real estate investor, entrepreneur and partner for Altlandsberg

Three million market entry capital in Green-Y Energy AG as a clear commitment to greentech by my SCHWEIZER KAPITAL GLOBAL IMPACT FUND AG.In the last three years, investments in greentech and impact funding have declined significantly, which also requires an adjustment of risk management and a realistic view of long-term developments. It takes conviction and belief in a sustainable future to succeed in this area. Warren Buffett once aptly said: ‘The dumbest reason to buy a stock is because it’s going up.’ This emphasises the fact that successful investors do not chase short-term trends, but focus on long-term developments. Greentech and impact funding in 2024: the signs point to the future. However, the long-term trends in the greentech sector clearly point to a positive future. In Europe in particular, investments in this sector could reach the status currently enjoyed by the automotive sector. The framework conditions are promising: the EU has created clear regulations that steer companies and investors alike in a sustainable direction. Although the EU is often criticised for its regulations, it is ultimately up to each investor to decide which sectors they put their capital into. Some short-term investors prefer to consider investments in fracking or weapons, but does that really make sense? I don’t want to moralise here, but seriously? Sustainable technologies and projects harbour potential that protects the planet and promises growth at the same time. The year 2023 has already brought considerable challenges for everyone involved, and 2024 will not be an easy year either. But stay tuned, because big things are on the horizon in this area. There will be *Big News* soon!